Websocket New Order Status 200 But Empty Result


I’m experiencing an issue on Websocket New Orders on some tickers like CRVUSDT. I submitted multiple market and limit buy orders but the output is the same : Status 200 but empty result.

When I try to get the order by its id, it isn’t recognized by binance as if it was never created. Even on my binance web portal (the website), there is no trace of the order in open orders and historical orders pages.

This is the websocket response that I’m getting for a new buy order on CRVUSDT (market or limit) :

I have this problem on few tickers, the majority works fine.

Any ideas ?


Hi, can you please paste in the snippet of your code which actually places the orders? That way we can hopefully diagnose what the issue is.

Hi Jonte,

Thanks for answering.

I’m actually using the java binance connector and this is the code that places the orders :

HmacSignatureGenerator signatureGenerator = new HmacSignatureGenerator(PrivateConfig.TESTNET_SECRET_KEY);
WebSocketApiClientImpl wsApiClient = new WebSocketApiClientImpl(PrivateConfig.TESTNET_API_KEY, signatureGenerator, DefaultUrls.TESTNET_WS_API_URL);

    wsApiClient.connect(((message) -> {
    JSONObject params = new JSONObject();
    params.put("requestId", randomId);
    params.put("quantity", quantity);
    wsApiClient.trade().newOrder("CRVUSDT", "BUY", "MARKET", params);

It’s important to note that it works for 98% of the coins. And the order gets sent to Binance but the response is weird : Status 200 but empty result.

Hi again,

I notice in your code you’re using the Testnet. When you faced the issue creating orders for only specific pairs, were you placing those orders on the testnet? The reason being, Testnet actually doesn’t have all of the pairs that the live/real trading market has. It has most of the popular trading pairs but doesn’t have a lot of the smaller (in terms of trade volume) pairs. That may be your issue - that you’re attempting to trade pairs that don’t exist on the testnet. However in this case generally you’d receive an error stating “Invalid symbol” or similar…