Websocket Market Streams - multiple streams not working

Hi all,

I am sending the following wss://stream.binance.com:9443/stream?streams=btcusdt@bookTicker/bnbbtc@bookTicker as per example and am getting a 400 rejection with the error text “One or more stream names are not valid”. I am doing everything as per example in Binance API Documentation and Binance API Documentation.

Anyone have any idea what the correct format for multiple streams is given that !bookticker has now been rmoved?

Thanks in advance

@alphasignal, can you please check that the / in the stream list is not escaped as %2F?

For me, the following URL works:


but this one does not work:


It seems the / must be used literally at the moment.

You can also subscribe to the streams after connection, by sending a request like this:

  "id": 1,
  "method": "SUBSCRIBE",
  "params": ["btcusdt@bookTicker", "bnbbtc@bookTicker"]

Thank you very much, I am using the latter with sending a subscription message after connection establishment. Thanks


I just tested this and I’m not getting any errors like you described. It successfully subscribes to both bookTicker streams and returns data. Perhaps posting your code would help identify the issue?