Websocket Event Order Update does not send qty

I’m receiving from many api keys messages without “q” / “z” / “i” or any QTY related fields.
What to do with this? Its futures user stream



Is it a bug?

I can’t reproduce this, are you using a 3rd party library? Please try again with websocat (https://github.com/vi/websocat) to receive the raw update and if problem continues, post here the websocat command and the received events to get a better idea.

Its not happening all the time. But it is a thing. You cant reproduce it by your will. Its raw data from binance this messages. Messages include time and IDs, check server logs probably.

Also can I ask what does this mean?


Noticed this has already being brought up in the Telegram channel, it’s no longer occurring and not intended to happen again.
As for the fields meaning, I’ve asked internally to update the API documentation. Thanks!

Those two are for OTOCO orders. Could be ignored by API users.

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