Websocket Error code 3 invalid Json, why?

I’m trying to query the open orders through a websocket, but I get the JSON error response. I check it and from what I see, I see that it is well formed, I do not understand what is happening

I also tried putting the orderID and the timestamp in INT format and it doesn’t work either

I don’t think Futures have a WebSocket API yet. Only Spot exchange has one.

Hi! Futures already have a websocket api

Can you share the full log, which library you’re using and an example code for us to reproduce, please?

If it’s GitHub - binance/binance-connector-python: a simple connector to Binance Public API, this is Spot Market only.

Noticed your another post, which I’ve also replied and the comment there applies here as well.

@aisling2 hi! I’m using this sdk GitHub - binance/binance-futures-connector-python it’s recommended for futures at the oficcial docs.

hello, can you find a solution? same issue here.

At the moment Futures only has events through web socket.

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