Websocket "Base Asset Volume" is not matching with binance candle stick charts

There is an extreme mismatch between “Base Asset Volume” that I am getting from WebSocket to candle sticks on the chart.

Using 1 minute interval
Using UTC timezone on charts

11/28/2021, 05:20:00 {‘stream’: ‘keepusdt@kline_1m’, ‘data’: {‘e’: ‘kline’, ‘E’: 1638076860341, ‘s’: ‘KEEPUSDT’, ‘k’: {‘t’: 1638076800000, ‘T’: 1638076859999, ‘s’: ‘KEEPUSDT’, ‘i’: ‘1m’, ‘f’: 11464779, ‘L’: 11464818, ‘o’: ‘0.80220000’, ‘c’: ‘0.80230000’, ‘h’: ‘0.80230000’, ‘l’: ‘0.80030000’, ‘v’: ‘18502.00000000’, ‘n’: 40, ‘x’: True, ‘q’: ‘14831.19770000’, ‘V’: ‘15179.00000000’, ‘Q’: ‘12167.98410000’, ‘B’: ‘0’}}}

Am I missing something or it’s a bug ?

Ensure that you are listening to the correct websocket stream. The base url for futures is wss://fstream.binance.com/ws/<streamName>. The data you are listening is from the spot websocket stream.