Web Socket contains a lot of Zeros on the end of the Feed


I’m using the “Binance Public API Connector DotNET” NuGet package into a simple c# console application.

Following the instructions from the readme file GitHub - binance/binance-connector-dotnet: Lightweight connector for integration with Binance API

If I place a break point to see the data I can see a bunch of HEX values \00x on the end of each line feed back from the webSocket.

I orginally picked this up looking at a HEX Value in Redis where I want to eventually save the data.

Having all of these extra values as part of the json bloats the size of the data to 8.19kb per entry.


Where if I remove all of these trailing HEX values it reduces the size down to 98 bytes

I can remove the \x00 values with this line of code

jsonData = jsonData.Replace("\x00", string.Empty);

But I’m just wondering why all of these HEX values are part of the json stream?

Any help appreciated


Thanks for feedback, we will make a fixing release.