Web app for scanning order books

Hi everyone,
I’ve created a web application for scanning Binance USDT trading pairs order books in a automated way. App let you choose scan depth, scan interval and price levels grouping. Any suggestion, enhancement or just discussion is gladly accepted.



Will check later, when I have a bit more time…

@paulito123 Even though you had time I am not interested in your opinion and I bet you don’t understand anything about programming. So don’t worry, you have a lot of time for doing your smart things
I don’t need your thoughts

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Thanks for your intelligent answer. I bet you lacked love in your infant phase. If your project is still on Github when I have time to look at it, I will look at it. Whether you like it or not… Have a great day. Lots of love.

@paulito123 whether you like it or not, I don’t need your smart answers. As I can see you have a lot of time for sharing wisdow accross forums, but again whether you like it or not my day is better without your opionion. Your infant phase was full of smart stuff I bet

@escomputers I’m sorry you feel that way.

Sorry no time to answer you, goodbye

Can you tell me what is the use of monitoring the order book? How can you help me earn money?

If you want to earn money find a job

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I already have work but an extra would not hurt, but from your answer it seems that your program is another one of the bunch that is useless

yes it is useless do not use it.
come back to school for learning how to be kind to people.

when you will be adult, maybe you could understand what this program does.


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