Wallet and trades values

Hi mates,

I’m just a beginner in the API world and I looking for manage my wallet and TP. As first step I wanna have my wallet and trades values on a sheet (Google Sheets) in order to calculating my average buy price for each coin in my wallet. I installed the API connector and try some URL like “https://api1.binance.com/api/v3/ticket/24hr” for informations of public market but I don’t know how take the informations and value of my wallet and historic trades.

Any ideas ?

Below endpoints should be useful for the mentioned “value of my wallet and historic trades.”:

In addition, as you’re just starting, this post might be of interest: Where to start if I'm new to Binance API

Thks you for all of this informations and tips. I learned many things on this but I already have this problem to access at my wallet and account data, with the same Error: “1) myTrades: Completed with errors
- We received an error from the API server (401) show response{“code”:-2014,“msg”:“API-key format invalid.”}
And this in both cases “Spot Account Balances” and “Spot Account’s Trades”, maybe need to allow the acces with my API Key or something else ?