Hello there, I am a French user, and I recently used a VPN location in Belgium to watch a soccer game, and now my API with Binance is blocked . I try to unblock it by switching my VPN Location in France were I live, and were my Binance account is located, but i still can’t create a new API Key (I erased the other one). Anyone can Help me?

If you haven’t already done so, try clearing the cache in your browser and rebooting your computer. While I have never been completely blocked after using a VPN, I have noticed squirrelly behavior sometimes (my resident country and country for Binance account is Cayman Islands, but I am testing a dedicated IP address in Japan).

Hello Cayman, i tried your proposal, but it didn’t work, thanks anyway. Any other idea?
Cheers Nico

What is your account verification status?

It seem to be “Unverified” now…But it is strange because when i click on the yellow “Unverified” of my account, then i go to the Verification page which is still on “verified Plus” status.
Below it is written ;
Assurance Review Failed.
Based on our Terms of Use and Internal Policy, these features are not available for your account.