Vanilla Options Platform extremely slow and not reliable

Hi guys,

I’m not the kind who complains about small bugs and so on, but the Vanilla Options platform is completely off.

  1. Orders (sent via API) sometimes don’t appear in the order book (while they do in the “Open Orders” tab).
  2. The “Open Orders” tab is sometimes not updated unless you switch to another tab and come back.
  3. The platform in general is extremely slow.

We are trying to do market making there, the volume is very low but with such technical problems I guess people won’t be willing to trade options more. How may a trader want to fill my order if this trader doesn’t even see my order?

Are there plans to make the platform more stable?


Hi @TraderVK, sorry to hear you’re having bad experiences with the Vanilla Options product, we can redirect your feedback, can you just provide more details on the 1st point? How are you checking the “order book”?

@aisling Thanks for your answer. I was checking the orderbook in
My API order was certainly placed successfully because I could see it in my “Open Orders”, but it wasn’t showing in this part of the screen:

Thank you! I’ve shared internally.