Using and implementing binance API

Hi! so I am trying to make a trading bot and implementing it in C++, did a lot of googling but most tutorials refer to python and javascript, while I have gotten the basic understanding of how to use an API, I am having trouble understanding how to exactly import it for my project in C++ on VS or VS code. Is there any way to completely bypass other languages and use purely C++? if so, how? and if not, even then how to bridge the API with my main project in C++. I know the question seems pretty big, but i am coming here out of desperation since i still cant figure it out.

thank you,

Please refer to this page if you want to use VS code.
If you are familiar with C++, you can use your favourite IDE or text editor + compiler. No matter which language you use, as long as you can send out the proper API request, it should work.
*Please avoid asking programming question as this forum is for API discussion only, thanks.

sorry, since it was regarding the implementation of API so i thought i t was the proper place. However, see, my problem is still the same as to how to send out that API request is where I am stuck. although I have now found a API management code on github called binacpp, which greatly assisted me but installing and using is still a being troublesome for me.

Try to reach out to the community of the library that you’re using please, we also don’t have experience with some libraries.