USDT Margined Delivery Future is not listed in /api/v3/exchangeInfo

Hi all, I am new here.

I tried to query all the listed symbols using the endpoints /api/v3/exchangeInfo as well as /api/v1/exchangeInfo, but can’t find any USDT margined delivery futures such as current quarter ETHUSDT_240628 and next quarter ETHUSDT_240927.

Is this a known issue that these two endpoints do not support the USDT margined delivery future? Or is there any other way to query out the information like tick size and lot size for these USDT margined delivery futures?

The endpoint /api/v3/exchangeInfo is dedicated to spot symbols. If you need information on futures symbols, please use the following endpoint: Exchange Information | Binance Open Platform

Thanks! Also, seems like I used the wrong base URL wss:// It should be wss://