USDT Futures bookTicker stream does not contain e field

I have submitted this bug report through the support page a while back and no one has done anything about this, so I figure I would try this forum.

This is a bug report in that the USDT futures bookTicker stream does not have the e field in its payloads, see here. Payloads are supposed to look like this:

  "e": "bookTicker", // this field is missing
  // other fields

All other streams have the e field except for this one. As a matter of fact, the COIN-M futures’ bookTicker field has the e field, see here. So this would make things consistent.

Please fix this, this is a really easy fix.

Thank you for your feedback, we have forwarded to the team, hope it will be released soon.

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Hello. I see that this field was added to usd-m futures api. But in spot api this field is absent. api docs

Please fix this, this is a really easy fix.