Updating the quote price of a given currency pair

I’m using the Binance testnet and Postman to test my code, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to update the price of a given currency pair after I place an order (so I can test buying and then selling at a different price, under different conditions, etc).

I know that I’m able to update prices by placing market orders, but I’m wondering if I can manually update that price (and the order book) to simulate different situations. Thanks!

You mean price like this - https://testnet.binance.vision/api/v3/ticker/price ?

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Yeah exactly. I’m looking for how to update those prices in order to do things like testing limit orders getting triggered (rather than placing a market order and updating the price that way).

I assume in order for the price to change, the order book also needs to change, but wasn’t sure how to handle that.

If you want a live update, you can try wss like this - wss://testnet.binance.vision/ws/bnbusdt@trade; but it lacks liquidity so you might not get very many messages there

try testing against BNBUSDTon spot testnet, it has better liquidity.