Universal Transfer endpoint changing to only return last 6 months of data


We currently use the * GET /sapi/v1/asset/transfer endpoint to determine funds movements between margin, futures, c2c and mining accounts. As per the current changelog as of 11th November, it will only be able to get the last 6 months of data? Please could you indicate how to determine historic movements between margin, futures, c2c and mining accounts?

Hi there, indeed the indicated endpoint will only support query till max of 6 last months.
Consulting the following endpoint for each product, it’s not possible to retrieve past 6 months via API, you can try to consult Customer support to see if it’s possible via UI end.


Thanks @aisling.

Binance API Documentation is now also limited to 6 months of data AND requires me to work out which assets are available for the endpoint as a precursor to making a request.

The 11th November changes are breaking for our tax service (Recap); we use universal transfers to work out when users have moved funds to their futures and margin accounts. Without this endpoint, we can’t accurately build a ledger of the users’ activity and calculate balances accordingly.

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This change is breaking for a lot of third-party integrations like all portfolio trackers and tax solutions.

Does Binance plan to provide the transfer history prior to the last 6 months using a different endpoint? If not, I really hope Binance is considering reverting this change in the near future.