Unable to set the STOP-LOSS limit order using Binance Python API


I am having some difficulty creating orders (either BUY or SELL) and then setting up a STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT. I have been attempting to use ASYNCIO (under PYTHON) as well. I logged the message on Stackoverflow.

In the case of creating a LONG, I am able to do the BUY order just fine.
As of now, I am having problem setting the STOP LOSS
I am also having problems with the TARGET

On a side note, I notice that the BUY order fill quickly - but - when going to the next part (where the STOP LOSS is being set), it takes a little while to run. Since the async function:

await self._wait_order_complete(order[“data”][0][“id”], symbol

Is associated with the KEY (id) coming from the returning ROW (after the BUY order has been FILLED), I am not understanding why time is being consumed.

Any help, hints or advice on the problem would be greatly appreciated.


STOP LOSS order type is not supported, please see the list of all supported from endpoint:


e.g. symbol BNBUSDT is supporting:

"orderTypes": [