Unable to retrieve P2P information older than 1 year.


So my case is, I have a process that fetches my entire Binance historical actions (p2p, spot trading, earns savings and stackings), sometimes to ensure the balances are right, I just wipe my data and recreate from scratch.

Today I noticed that I have a mismatch in balances, and when I researched why, I found the endpoint in charge to retrieve P2P information, is not retrieving anymore some older values that I used to receive.

Because I have a backup, I know what are the missing trades that I don’t see anymore, as an example, these 3 IDs belongs to 2021-04-22 and 23. These are the oldest values I’m expecting to be received.


I’m expecting to receive a total of 108 p2p trades, instead I’m just getting 24, so this causes a MASSIVE mismatch on my balances.

Furthermore, I noted the oldest value I’m currently receiving, is the same oldest value that I can see from the HISTORICAL ORDERS section in the app, so looks like the app is using the same endpoint to fetch historical information.

This is a huge problem for me, this means I can’t have other users using my system if they have more than what I presume, a year old in Binance.

Is there a way to get ALL historical p2p information?
Are there other endpoints having the same behavior (excluding historical information)?
Is there an alternative in the WebSocket version?
Is there a way at least to download this information in an excel?
Is Binance DELETING my information??? (please say no)

I’ll be waiting on a reply to understand how to proceed with this issue, I hope there is a clean way for users to get their historical information, as it’s basically for us to own.


Thanks for the feedback, can you share which endpoint is used for fetching p2p trades, and what’s the parameters for getting trades that older than 1 year?


I hope this help, I just tested the raw call with postman, not getting any result here as well for the specified timestamps, but I do receive for recent days.

This example gets data from 2021/04/19 to 2021/04/23
The binance order id: 20218436249782259712 should be retrieved.

thanks, we will let team know.

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Hey, @dino Any news about this?