Unable to place MANAUSDT Future/Perpetual order, Need Urgent help

Developing trading system for crypto MANA USDT Future. Need help in clarifying my question.

I am trying to place order for the first time in binance api.

My Code,

NewOrder newOrder = new NewOrder(“MANAUSDT”, OrderSide.BUY, OrderType.MARKET, “10”);
NewOrderResponse newOrderResponse = client.newOrder(newOrder);

Unable to place Future/Perpetual Order, instead the system is trying to place spot order for MANA SPOT instead of future.

Can you suggest to me what needs to be changed, this will be really helpful. Looking forward for your help.

Have followed this Git repo: GitHub - binance-exchange/binance-java-api: binance-java-api is a lightweight Java library for the Binance API, supporting synchronous and asynchronous requests, as well as event streaming using WebSockets.


new NewOrder(“MANAUSDT”, OrderSide.BUY, OrderType.MARKET,“1180”);
binanceApiService.newOrder(order.getSymbol(), order.getSide(), order.getType(),
order.getTimeInForce(), order.getQuantity(), order.getPrice(), order.getNewClientOrderId(),
order.getStopPrice(), order.getIcebergQty(), order.getNewOrderRespType(), order.getRecvWindow(),

Hello, the referred repository on GitHub is no longer under maintenance and outdated.

For futures API and using java as programming language, you can refer to GitHub - binance/binance-futures-connector-java instead.