Unable to get sub-account/list or accountStatus

Im unable to get /sapi/v3/sub-account/list or sapi/v3/accountStatus based on binance.us docs example. I am getting Invalid Parameter (-1100) for five different sets of keys I’ve tested, across two different accounts. the same exact code/logic and keys successfully get the /api/v3/myTrades endpoint.

can you share what’s the value of this:

echo $api_url/sapi/v3/accountStatus?timestamp=$timestamp

@dino thanks for your help, the result is https://api.binance.us/sapi/v3/accountStatus?timestamp=1658319453000

That’s weird, the url looks fine to me.

Do you mind have a try with this python script:

You will need to change the BASE_URL to .us site:

BASE_URL = "https://api.binance.us"

and test with endpoint, see if it works.


Thanks @dino
as expected I get the same response, {'code': -1100, 'msg': 'Illegal characters found in a parameter.'}
with two different sets of keys from two different accounts.
both sets of keys successfully access the /api/v3/account and /api/v3/myTrades endpoints.
it appears there’s some issue with the sapi endpoints.

let me know if I can provide any additional info. Thanks again!