Unable to get all trades breakdown or all open orders / error 502 bad getaway

Hi all, I am trying to get all my trades or all open order but i receive error message 502 bad get away.

Please see below my code

allTrades: function (symbol) {


  .then(response => client.logger.log(response.data))

  .catch(error => client.logger.error(error))


allOpenOrders: function (symbol) {

  client.cancelOpenOrders(symbol, {

    recvWindow: 3000

  }).then(response => client.logger.log(response.data))

    .catch(error => client.logger.error(error))


Can someone help me, please?

Thanks Leo


Is this still an issue?

Hi Tantialex,
yes it seems system is under maintenance. Do you know when it will be back up?

That is not the case. Could you provide the raw request being sent and the full response received for further diagnosis?

If it was on Spot Testnet, the maintenance is over now: https://testnet.binance.vision/