UMFuturesWebsocketClient error with on_message argument

hello anyone who will read this!

as i take this example 1:1
got error “UMFuturesWebsocketClient.init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘on_message’”
at same time on GIT arg on_message present! here it is.

pip ver. - binance-futures-connector 3.3.1
can someone double check it and give me some hint please what is wrong?

UPD: partly solved by 我下载最新的sdk demo,无法使用websocket功能 - #2 by aisling2
using, pip install binance-futures-connector --pre
which made 4.0.0rc3 on moment of writing instead of stable 3.3.1
4.0.0rc3 works fine

Glad you resolved the issue. Let us know if there’s anything else.