Two stop limit orders at the same time

Hello. i am confusing.
How can i make two stop limit orders at the same time?
when i make OCO orders(sell side), i get LIMIT_MAKER and STOP_LOSS_LIMIT order. But i want get two stop limit orders, one for take profit (TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT) and one stop loss (STOP_LOSS_LIMIT). It use for this case for example. I want to sell BTCUSD when price rise to 30000, and make limit order by 30100, and sell BTCUSD when price fall to 29000 by 28900.
It need for me, i want to put trailing delta options for one of this orders. Againts, i make traling delta. order only for STOP_LOSS_LIMIT but if price huge rise, i can get profit only by LIMIT_MAKER price. in other words, i want to get traling price for LIMIT_MAKER order…