Trying to withdraw BNB via BSC network but getting '{"code":-1102,"msg":"illegal parameter"}'

I am trying to use rhe withdrawal endpoint, and I am using the Python API.

address=“0x1111…11111”, # Sample address

but I keep getting:
'{“code”:-1102,“msg”:“illegal parameter”}

I have verified that Python is translating that code into the following requets:
api_path = ‘/sapi/v1/capital/withdraw/apply’
params = ‘address=0x123123…123&amount=1&network=BSC&asset=BNB&timestamp=1665602751031&signature=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

You may wish to give it a try of this library, which include the withdraw method.

The problem is the parameter is ‘coin’ and not ‘asset’. The binance-python documentation is outdated.