Trailing Stop Sell with only trailingDelta (no stopPrice, no price)

When placing a trailing stop sell order with parameter trailingDelta only (no stopPrice, no price), what is the correct logic to determine if order type should be STOP_LOSS or TAKE_PROFIT? It doesn’t seem like comparing the original buy price to the current market price and setting STOP_LOSS if buy price > market or TAKE_PROFIT if buy_price < market is correct. Because what happens if the original buy price is close enough to the current market price, a high trailingDelta is used, and then the market price reverses significantly? It would change the order type.

FYI, I have read the helpful Trailing Stop FAQ but this specific question is not addressed. All examples include either stopPrice or price along with trailingDelta.

What dino is saying is:

It is possible for the SPOT exchange to support Trailing Stop orders without price, however as of this time no symbols on the exchange are configured to allow these. (i.e. all symbols are configured to allow STOP_LOSS_LIMIT and TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT only)

Trailing Stop order apply to these order types:


However in the market, only STOP_LOSS_LIMIT and TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT are supported. So the price and stopPrice are required.

What do you mean by “However in the market?” Are you saying the Binance API does not support trailing stop orders for order type STOP_LOSS and TAKE_PROFIT?