Trailing STOP_LOSS_LIMIT SELL order triggered, but not filled

Using the API I made a trailing (10%) STOP_LOSS_LIMIT SELL order. It got triggered but never filled, even though market price (0.03346) is high above limit price (0.03130). Shouldn’t it be filled right after breaking through the stopPrice, or at least as soon as market price got above my limit price?

This is how I made the order:

What I think the reason is:
You have a "Trailing STOP_LOSS_LIMIT order " (Trailing Stop), this is a combination of Trailing Order + Stop Loss Limit order.

There was a 10% decrease in market price, so the Trailing Order got triggered to place a SELL Stop Loss Limit order, but this last one hasn’t been activated, it only happens when market price < stop price.