Trailing stop is not a market order ?

Hi ,

The Trailing Stop orders stay long time at book order before be posicioned! Days / hours sometimes.

The prices in this time goes fast and can frustrate my strategy!

No diference if you fill ACTIVATION PRICE or not. Always have a delay!

It’s not a market order ?

What to do for this delay be eliminated ?


ACTIVATION PRICE is an indicator to start the trailing stop order not the price to execute the order. The trailing stop market order will only activate if the price rebounds more than your callback rate. You should use STOP_LOSS_MARKET if you just want to trigger an order at a certain price.

Tks CHAI !

My principal question is : Why this kind of order (TS) have delay to POSITIONED!

If the AP do not is the price do POSITIONIG orders ! As you said !

If I use MARKET Order , this delay doesn’t exist !

There are a motive for this delay ?


Or I must open a market order before or together the trailing stop ?

Doing this , my order perhaps will be positioned quickly and than stay waiting de TS be activate ?