Trailing Stop as Tradingview

Hello there! I’m having an issue with trailing stop, I have the strategy in Tradingview working on 1h timeframe, everything looks good, meaning I can enter near the price just as TV and set the SL like TV, even the activation price is like TV, however the exit is different in one hour timeframe in Tradingview exited the position after two hours, but the position in binance left seven minutes after opening, I did some research and in 1 minute in TV exited at the same price, but that’s not what I want, I want to work in 1 hour timeframe

Is there a way to set the trailing stop just as tradingview timeframe?

I think you might be confused at how trailing stop works, it’s not directly related with the timeframe you’re viewing, but the last price in the exchange (at Binance by default is last price but can be market price as well.)
Maybe this could help: What Is a Trailing Stop Order | Binance

It did help thank you, I did a further investigation in TV, and what I’m going to do is send and alert when the trade is opened and do the same and hopefully will be closed near the same price

Hi, how are you triggering trades on Binance with TradingView?

Hi, I’m using webhooks in tv, and exposing the endpoint using ngrok, since this is only for testing it’s fine