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Hi All.

I am trying to setup automated trading on Binance from Tradingview. There is a manual how to setup futures trading from Tradingview via webhook:
There is an example message format in this manual:

The above alert works, but it sends limit orders to Binance, which are not always executed. I want to change this message to send market orders. However I couldn’t find any manual or explanations on the syntax of the webhook message.

I tried to modify the message and remove “price”:“{{close}}” and add “type”:“market”:


But this doesn’t work. Please advice me how this can be done.

Hi, unfortunately we also don’t have knowledge on this type of integration.
However, if you can’t find how to setup a different request in the official public manual, then likely it’s indeed not possible to change to market type of orders. If you want to be certain I would suggest contacting the customer support.

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That’s exactly my problem also and to make it worse if the long limit order don’t execute the close position signal opens a short position.

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Hi everyone,

Has there been any recent development or news regarding the setup of market orders through TradingView webhooks for Binance trading? I’ve been trying to modify my webhook alerts from limit to market orders but haven’t found a clear guide or syntax for it.

Any insights or shared experiences in this area would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

No news yet, only limit order for now.

I got this message from customer support today:
Binance will add market price support for webhook in next months.

Hi there,
The market order hasn’t been released but you can use alert function to send specific price instead of using Tradingview close price

if buy_signal
strategy.entry(“Long”, strategy.long, comment=“Long”)
alert(‘{“symbol”:“BTCUSDT.P”,“side”:“buy”,“qty”:“500”,“price”:"’ +str.tostring(close+10)+ ‘",“signalId”:“xxxxx”,“uid”:“xxxxxx”}’)

// Symbol, side, qty, you need to assign
price you can assign,
in this case I use close + 10 to let Tradingview send limit price higher than current price, binance will execute this order as market price

After finish the code when you set alert at condition section, the 2nd box select “alert() function calls only”

Народ, УРА!!! З’явилась можливість вибору типа ордера під час створення вебхук.

yes, it was fixed

does anyone know what should be added in the order size of the alerts properties?