Trade Order confirmation

Is it possible to get call back from Binance server once buy /sell trade is executed? I am unable to find any information from API documentations.

Hello, is this what you are looking for ?

thanks for your reply,
I have already done this part.
What i am looking for is ,
after fist trade is opened , second trade will only open once first is executed.
to do that i need a reply back from binance server ,
every time a trade is executed i must receive a feedback. So that next trade can be opened. I hope i clear my point.
I would appreciate anyone can help me to resolve this issue.

get the feedback from Websocket messages.

Well, I am not yet using it currently, but I think that the “TRADE” execution type gives you sufficient information to infer when your first trade is fully executed ?

you can test it GitHub - PiyushDixit96/binance-spot-order-notification-heroku: [binance order trade fill notification] Telegram Notification when Binance order created, cancelled or filled. Ready to Deploy on Heroku

With Mida (you find on GitHub) you just use events

const myOrder = await myAccount.placeOrder({
    symbol: "BTCUSDT",
    direction: MidaOrderDirection.BUY,
    volume: 1,
    listeners: {
        trade (event) {
            console.log(; // Called whenever a trade is executed

Or you can just get the trade/s after the order is executed

const trades = myOrder.executedTrades;