Top tokens Market Cap, portfolio assets, Spot order and Simple Earn Binance API endpoints

Hello everyone!
I`m only investigating Binance API for now and cannot find any endpoints that provide:
1)Top tokens by Market Cap with its prices, changes for 1/4/24 hours, volume and symbol;
2)My portfolio tokens;

And also I would like to know what to use to process the Spot order and to make Simple Earn using endpoints


  1. There are no direct endpoints to get these information. You can use the /api/v3/ticker/24hr endpoint and order the results by priceChangePercent which provides the % increase/decrease of a pair over the past 24hrs. You can then arrange them in descending order based on that parameter, resulting in a list of the top-performing coins in the last 24 hours.

  2. You can get it by running the /api/v3/account endpoint

For any other needs, have a look at the API documentation