timestamps from batch orders

hey ppl!

can you make me understand pls…

i sent batch orders (4 of them in one request) and all of them got same timestamps for time and updateTime fields. how is that possible if each order was for different orderbook (4 different pairs)?

in my case, each order was delayed for execution because of overload during high activity, but delayed for absolutely similar time. for example:

time is 12:30:02.500
updateTime is 12:30:03.400

and this is for each order from batch

its a bit strange, isnt?

Since you sent all of the orders in a single batch request, they are received and processed concurrently (all at the same time). According to the notes under the batchOrders API documentation: Batch orders are processed concurrently, and the order of matching is not guaranteed. It’s quite normal that all 4 of the orders within your batch order were matched at the same time, especially if the orders were all on high-liquidity pairs.

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