'Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow' while the time is properly synced

Hi there,

When working with the API, I got the following error: ‘Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow’. The weird part is that there is only a 400ms delay. My recvWindow is set to 60000 but changing it makes no difference. 400 is nowhere near 60000 so I’m just confused what I am doing wrong.

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Update: No matter what my time is, or how small or big the delay is, it will always happen. Some more information:

  • Running Windows
  • Firewall on or off doesn’t make a difference
  • I got my local system time, then binance server time and they differ about 200ms
  • My recvWindow is 60000
  • I’m using binacpp send_trade()

it could be congestion between your client to server.

  1. try with curl in your current client server
  2. test on a different region and see if that works