The system does not have enough asset now.

I keep getting this msg like on every isolated margin order.

Is there something wrong on your side ? Because it was working flawlessly for a long time.

Looks like there is not enough equity available on the system side, the system returns the correct maximum borrow size and then when taking like 97% of that maximum the system returns:

array(2) {
string(42) “The system does not have enough asset now.”

Please advise, I read some comments on reddit too that a lot of people are experiencing this since already some time.

Any update here ?? Dear Binance Devs - are you planning on doing something about the lack of liquidity or are we (loyal users) being asked to go to FTX ??

So to add to the above, I tested now with BUSD (Binance USD) and I get exactly the same messages.

array(2) {
string(42) “The system does not have enough asset now.”

It was tested with just small amounts, for instance the above happened when trying to borrow 78 BUSD against 89 BUSD collateral -> ADABUSD pair isolated at 10x at exactly:

2021-02-17 15:55:34
2021-02-17 15:55:35
2021-02-17 15:55:36
2021-02-17 15:55:37
2021-02-17 15:55:38
2021-02-17 15:55:39

Can someone from the binance API team please elaborate ?
It’s not only related to USDT it is also related to the Binance stable coin.

The error explains itself pretty well - the system is short of the coins you’re trying to borrow. Please wait for a while and try again

OK, so basically we have to wait until Binance ups the amount of USDT in the system ?

It’s a pretty strange situation, not having the asset available, if you ask me there should be alarm bells ringing when they start to run out. But anyway if it’s that simple then it’s hopefully a matter of time until they up it.

I have the same problem - it had been getting worse for weeks but for the past several days every single one of 20+ auto-borrow cross-margin buy orders that needed to borrow funds (USDT) returned error -3045 (The system does not have enough asset now). I would understand if it happened during extreme market-wide volatility spikes, but they simply fail all the time.
Please fix this, I expect to be able to borrow USDT when trading on margin more often than not. As it stands now, every single attempt to (auto)borrow USDT fails.

So can we asume something is going to happen ?

I had trades today that took more then 3 minutes to get to borrow, this is simply costing money, imagen making a descision on a 5 minute chart and having to wait 3 minutes to get in the trade ? Sorry to say so but this makes Binance Margin Trading useless.

An official statement, like the issue is known, under investigation and we are aware of it would be the least we can expect.

To say the message explains itself, please wait and try again and mark it as a solution, i think that’s a strange answer, you are turning the thing around here, like we are stupid. The fact that we are not able to use the Margin part of Binance should ring alarm bells at the backend team, it is making their part in Binance useless, and unreliable.

I hope you understand that.

The system is also returning the below on the same borrow request, while my limit has not been exceeded.

array(2) {
string(39) “Exceeding the maximum borrowable limit.”

Only 3 minutes should be some kind of a record. I’ve been trying to borrow USDT in multiple pairs for the last few hours without success.

At least if there is some kind of a counter (%) of remaining funds in the pair we will not even click the Margin Buy button and generate failed attempts in the logs/dashboard (

Hi Binance, have you found this solution or do not exist a real solution ?

Still happens frequently with very small quantity in a variety of assets.
“The fact that we are not able to use the Margin part of Binance should ring alarm bells at the backend team, it is making their part in Binance useless, and unreliable.” - bassie661

Help us with this issue, please?

Have somebody came up with a way to retrieve the actual amount available for borrowing without submitting the order? It’s actually quite a major issue, to be honest, as all the requests for max borrow amount say that quite a big amount is available for borrowing for each coin, but in fact even small order fails with this 3045. And API docs even don’t have -3045 code in it wit explanation. Is anyone from Binance going to respond here?

Sorry guys, but this is really disappointing… haven’t been able to borrow a single CAKE for the last week, which is forcing me to look elsewhere to take my trade. Any updates, Binance? No official statement?

Great, it’s 1.5 years after the post created and still no answer. The situation is the same

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Am very disappointed in the lack of engagement from the Binance Dev Team. Clearly this is a problem that is impacting multiple users. A quick search shows Reddit flooded recently with Error 3045 posts. What’s disappointing for me is not the error itself but the clear lack of interest from Binance in doing anything about this. If you contact Customer Service they repeat what the error means over and over again without explaining why it is impacting such a high number of requests now.

Strongly urge Binance to at least address this thread asap.

Has anyone have an idea already what can be the reason (except “message explaining itself”) and a solution for that? I’d say 90% of isolated pairs I try to margin short has “not enough assets” for borrowing. Is this something connected strictly to account? (“no assets for you!”)? or are we in a “bear market” and everyone are shorting everything?? Or does Binance has real liquidity issues? I remember not that long ago (over a year), there was not a problem borrowing most of the coins in isolated margin. Now it’s almost impossible.