the future test is broken for 2 days:

can any one fix it?

Working for me. Please clear your cache or use incognito mode to try again

I tried to clear the cache, use incognito mode, or even switch chrome to firefox, but still no work. en… can you give the exact url you visited? thx

It works fine to me at
Please describe more regarding where you’re stuck at and what has worked right before you encounter the issue. You can also press F12 to check which network service fails

when I visited I got a 307 first, which redirect to

then I get a 503 like that:

in firefox I first get a 301 the a 503

yeah, the url can access now, after I use proxy to cross over the wall : ) , so this url can not access from mainland.

But where can I get the API key? because there are no access to get the key

but I found in Binance Testnet environments the page is like that

so how can I get the api key?

What do you mean? In your screenshot, there is API key

the second screenshot is in Binance Testnet environments , I only found that

with no api key

Some testing accounts created in the last two days might have this issue. If you create a new one, it should be fine. If not, press F12 and check “API Key” tab to see if there’s any error.

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thx, finally I found the API Key in the bottom of the page:

Testnet futures doesn’t work again. I can’t open and close orders.

I can open/close position just fine. Be more specific of your issue? Did you fail on web interface or API?
Error messages pls