Testnet websocket returning same values for every candle

i am using the spot api connected to the endpoint ‘wss://testnet.binance.vision/ws’ to retrieve 1 minute candlesticks data but it is not working… for the ETHUSDT for example is it always returning me [184.66, 184.66, 184.66, 184.66] as open, close, high, low values and this is the same for all the available pairs except BTCUSDT… how can i solve the problem? Thanks

Testnet has low liquidity except for BNBUSDT and BTCUSDT, so it’s expected for the open, close, high, low to stay the same for a while for some symbols.

oh i see but how doest it work then isn’t it like a demo acount? because when i change the endpoint to ‘wss://stream.binance.com:9443/ws’ is works fine so there is actually enough liquidity for those pairs…