TestNet Trading Volume

I am doing some API testing on the TestNet client, and I am curious about how the price and volume figures are formulated.

In the last hour, the volume for the BTC-USDT pair is less than half on the TestNet than on the real (~220 vs ~525), however the high-low-open-close are extremely close, within a few dollars in most cases.

How are the volume figures calculated? Are they tethered at all to the real client or are they completely fabricated?

Testnet has it’s own liquidity that you shouldn’t compare the trading volume with production site.

Ok, how do the prices so closely represent the production site while the volumes do not?

Is volume based on actual TestNet volume or is it just fabricated?


There are many users are testing and using the testnet, that will bring the prices coming to the production site. But still it’s testnet, it’s price and volume is isolated from production site.