Testnet price locked

Futures testnet appears to be locking all prices at some point from a couple days ago, the price returned isn’t even matching what is in the ui.

As an update after a bunch of testing. This is not a volume issue. It appears a some api connections have been locked at around 39k on btcusdt (and same time/price for other symbols). There are bots creating orders based on that price that are locking the price in, if the price moves enough away from 39k (thanks BTC crash) the orders are rejected by binance and they start to clear up but as soon as the price recovers enough to allow those orders it locks in. This problem was made worse with the reset of funds that happened a bit ago, that allowed a 1k BTC wall to form blocking any outside remediation. What I had done was make a bot that built up a huge balance by playing this locked market and then break that price free once the bot orders were rejected and set enough orders to lock in the price to normal market. This works as long as I have enough balance and the price is far enough from 39k.

Anyway - the answer to this problem. True reset of futures. API keys, orders and balances. API keys is the big part, that would kill off the orders being created but a large balance is needed to push past the bad orders.

I’m trying to build my balance up again to try and get BTCUSDT back on track but for now BNBUSDT is all I can hold close to market - use that to test a bot and it “should” work as long as my balance holds.

I used testnet for my bot. Now it’s immpossible. When it will be fixed ?

Hi, can you share more details? Which futures (fapi and dapi) and what endpoint did you test?

Is there any news about fixing a testnet binance futures ? I can´t test my bot.

Through the testnet web interface

For example BTCUSDT has been stuck at 39k for the past 3+ days.

On testnet binance future prices are still on same level. For example btcusdt 39000,00. Nothing changes.
Will it be fixed ??