Testnet pairs do not support quoteOrderQty

When inspecting the limited subset of pairs available on the Testnet API, they all appear to be marked with quoteOrderQtyMarketAllowed: false which means that I am unable to test my buy order functionality in a test environment. Is there something I am missing here?

Indeed when there’s quoteOrderQtyMarketAllowed: false it means “Quote order qty market orders are not supported for this symbol”.
For now, quoteOrderQty is only available in the real/prod environment.

So what would be your recommendation for testing code that uses quoteOrderQty? Am I going to have to deposit real funds and test with that?

Yesterday, before last reset, quoteOrderQty was working fine…

Are you able to verify that it has stopped working for yourself, please? Just so I can make sure I am not doing something wrong.

Same here for me, 2 days ago everything went fine on testnet with quoteOrderQty. Now I got the message
"“code”:-1013,“msg”:“Quote order qty market orders are not supported for this symbol.”

On prod it works.

Possibly related, I’m now seeing the error “Stop loss limit orders are not supported for this symbol.” on testnet. (Edit: STOP_LOSS also fails).

I can scroll back in the terminal window and see successful STOP_LOSS_LIMIT orders placed a few days ago, so I know I’m not going crazy. What’s happened to the testnet?

We’ll look further into this.


Should be back to normal now, please confirm and mark this as solved if no longer issues. Thanks!

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Excellent, all working well. Thank you for resolving this so quickly.

Yes, everything is fine now again. Thank you!

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HI, now, after the latest reset on testnet , again the error:
code: -1013,
msg: ‘Quote order qty market orders are not supported for this symbol.’
Please could you help to resolve it ?

Can confirm. This is happening again.