Testnet - executionReport no firing when placing a new order - node-binance-api v0.13.1

Hi all,

After struggling a lot, I found out the issue is on version 0.13.1, executionReport is not fired up when placing a new order, not sure if it’ll be even fired up during order updates.

Here’s the code I’m using for testing, the same code works when using version 0.12.5

            balanceData => console.log(balanceData),
            executionData => console.log(executionData),
            subscribedData => console.log(subscribedData ),
            listStatusData => console.log(listStatusData)

//Placing a new order for testing if executionData will be fired up.
// symbol, quantity, price, options
binance.buy('BTCUSDT', '0.018086', '21242.89', {type: 'LIMIT'})

When I do this, the order is successfully placed but there’s nothing at the console.log for the executionData, if I downgrade the version, it does get fired up.

Does anyone know how I could fix it so that I can keep using the latest version? I’d really appreciate if anyone could throw me a light on this.


The stream is working fine. You should create an issue on the github repo of this library.

I have the same problem, do you know how to solve? Many thanks.

Hi Yaco, it seems like this isn’t the right channel for opening issues in regards to the mentioned library, even though I did open an issue within the github repo, I did not get any replies.

I decided to stick with a previous version of the library which is working fine for me, maybe you could do the same,

Unfortunately we won’t be able to properly make use of the version 0.13.1, maybe that could be fixed in the future but I doubt that, in the meantime, I recommend you to downgrade to version 0.12.5, it’s been working fine for me.

In your package.json file, find the node-binance-api and change its version as below.

“dependencies”: {
“node-binance-api”: “^0.12.5”,

Then run “npm install”, I hope that helps you.

Hi Guelweles,
I really appreciate your answer. I will try as soon as I can.
I agree with you that those channels really look poorly professional, even though they are paying for that.
But more than the solution you gave me, I really want to thank you for being so kind and helpful. This is not normal in our days… :=) .
Thanks again and God bless you.

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How did you resolve this?
I have the same problem and no events are triggered after placing a new order.
I’m using the library @binance/connector