Testing withdrawals

I want to test my service that withdraws coins from my coinbase account to my private wallet. I want to test it gradually as you might imagine, as far as I see API permissions are limited. Is this possible to test the withdrawals by capping the transfer amounts? For instance, I want to test from my account to a private wallet and maximum amount to transfer is 1 eth or 0.1 btc or similar amount? If I create a subaccount, then it is not really useful because sub accounts can not withdraw. How can I limit withdrawal amounts in the main account?

There isn’t any API endpoint to limit withdrawal. You have to implement it on the client side.

Himm, the question is mainly for security reasons. If the key is compromised, an attacker technically withdraw all the coins. A client based solution will not be working.

I wonder is there a best way to test withdrawals other than testing it with real coins? In order to be able to see whether it works, we need to be able to test all different currencies with limited amounts?
We also need to create an api key which can withdraw unlimited amount of coins from the account? If api key would let the user to withdraw a capped amount, that would be very good.