Testing Binance API on testaccount

Hello, is it possible to send API Call for open and close trades to something like a test account or must i use a live account to test that?

If i can use testaccounts, can somebody please tell me how that works, where to register and so on?

i have find the website 42326.84 | BTCUSDT USDⓈ-Margined Perpetual | Binance Futures and i register a account but i dont see where i can create API keys and i also dont see any deposit in this account, does this site dont work anymore?

This is the Futures Testnet.

To generate API Credentials, click on the API Key tab below.

Other Testnets for reference:
SPOT https://testnet.binance.vision/
VANILLA OPTIONS https://testnet.binanceops.com/

There is no API Key tab or anythink else

You should be able to see the following

i just see the following and i dont understand this website, you can not do anythink

Is there more to the page if you scroll down?

i appricate your help but i must say i am also a coder since few years and i dont find anythink in this website you cant do anythink and i dont understand why also you must register for the site, no api keys nohink, its also not possible to scroll the site.

the other links which you give me did also not look anyway like a testnet envoriment i wonder if binance dont offer any correct testnet but i dont find something

It could also be that you are accessing Binance from a restricted IP. Can you confirm the machine you are using can make use of Binance services by checking if the Ping endpoint is successful?


i am getting this reponse: {}
what does it mean?

Hi I am getting the same {} back after testing the link, and I still can’t do anything on testnet Binance, every time I log in it tell me unverified and can’t get the API KEY or do any training. Something is wrong on there server

If receive a 200 response with a response body of {} using the Test Connectivity endpoint mentioned above it implies you are able to connect to the server.

@Email_Account @Rassievd Please contact Binance Customer Support regarding this issue as it is most likely an Account specific issue.