Test futures trading authorisation


Since Binance restricts futures trading depending on factors such as geographic location, I need to be able to test if an account has access to future trading or not.

Not being able to trade futures doesn’t mean I can’t make requests on the future API endpoints, so the only way I found to test if an user can trade futures is to try to create an order on a future product.

Is there another way to check if an user can access futures trading without having to place an order ?

Thanks in advance.

From the documentation, POST endpoints marked with (TRADE) will not be allowed if futures trading isn’t allowed in your location. You can take a look at those endpoints and see which one is most suitable for your case. For instance, this endpoint might be relevant. (Binance API Documentation)


I even tried with a GET request on /fapi/v1/positionMargin/history so it doesn’t change anything on the account and it seems to work.

Thanks for your support.