Tearing appeared when receiving the candles

Tearing appeared when receiving the candles
Gaps of a year or more appeared on all pairs to the USDT.
Doing this request https://api.binance.com/api/v3/klines?symbol=EGLDUSDT&interval=1h&startTime=1649943634000&endTime=1653342034000
We get in response a gap from 11/11/21 to 11/21/21
12/11/21 to 01/11/22
08/15/21 to 09/03/21
These are relatively small gaps, the large timeframe gaps are a year, or even more. How do you fix this problem?

can you give more details of what gap are you talking about? It’s better if you can which 2 klines returned from above url has gap.

Attached 2 screenshots, in the screenshot through this url at timeframe 1h - 3 gaps,
first 03 aug 21 - 28 aug 21
second one 23 nov 21 - 29 jan 22
third one 19 feb 22 - 17 may 22

The official kline chart looks good to me



The date range you are querying is within 2022 only.