taker and maker order??!

firstly: Is there any way to make a taker or maker order by api directly??!

seccondly: If it can’t be done directly, what if I submit the buy or sell order with higher / lower market price? Will it become Taker and Maker order?

for example: at the moment, EOS the top sell order is 1.102 and 1.103. If the amount I want to buy is larger than the amount of 1.102 (price level). If I make the order at 1.103 price, will it is a Taker order and my real bought price will between 1.102 and 1.103(fee not calculated) or my bought price will be 1.103?

How to send a Post Only ( Maker) order:

@dino how about taker?! will I just need to change the type to LIMIT_TAKER?

If you wish to be taker, place a MARKET order.