Take profit after Futures Market order buy ( crossing ema)

Hello Community
its been more than one month since i’m stuck with that problem of taking profit in futures trading with python. I’m working with a futures bot that buys and sells with crossing ema .
i wonder to know how could i place one or two taking profits just after the function of buy market is triggered
i would like that the : 1st target: sell 50 % of asset at 0.3 % of profit and the second one : 50 % of the asset sell at 0.6 % . please i’m looking for the best logic and fuction that suit my requirements. thank you in advance

Unfortunately we can’t help you to design the trade strategy. From API , you are able to place different types of order, e.g. LIMIT, MARKET, etc.

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thanks for the reply

I have this already made essentially give me a DM