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Hey, could some comprehensively tell me what all the values in a symbols exchange info mean? Or point me in a direction where I can find the information? I’ll drop an example

{‘symbol’: ‘BNBUSDT’, ‘status’: ‘TRADING’, ‘baseAsset’: ‘BNB’, ‘baseAssetPrecision’: 8, ‘quoteAsset’: ‘USDT’, ‘quotePrecision’: 8, ‘quoteAssetPrecision’: 8, ‘baseCommissionPrecision’: 8, ‘quoteCommissionPrecision’: 8, ‘orderTypes’: [‘LIMIT’, ‘LIMIT_MAKER’, ‘MARKET’, ‘STOP_LOSS_LIMIT’, ‘TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT’], ‘icebergAllowed’: True, ‘ocoAllowed’: True, ‘quoteOrderQtyMarketAllowed’: True, ‘isSpotTradingAllowed’: True, ‘isMarginTradingAllowed’: False, ‘filters’: [{‘filterType’: ‘PRICE_FILTER’, ‘minPrice’: ‘0.01000000’, ‘maxPrice’: ‘10000.00000000’, ‘tickSize’: ‘0.01000000’}, {‘filterType’: ‘PERCENT_PRICE’, ‘multiplierUp’: ‘5’, ‘multiplierDown’: ‘0.2’, ‘avgPriceMins’: 5}, {‘filterType’: ‘LOT_SIZE’, ‘minQty’: ‘0.01000000’, ‘maxQty’: ‘9000.00000000’, ‘stepSize’: ‘0.01000000’}, {‘filterType’: ‘MIN_NOTIONAL’, ‘minNotional’: ‘10.00000000’, ‘applyToMarket’: True, ‘avgPriceMins’: 5}, {‘filterType’: ‘ICEBERG_PARTS’, ‘limit’: 10}, {‘filterType’: ‘MARKET_LOT_SIZE’, ‘minQty’: ‘0.00000000’, ‘maxQty’: ‘1000.00000000’, ‘stepSize’: ‘0.00000000’}, {‘filterType’: ‘MAX_NUM_ORDERS’, ‘maxNumOrders’: 200}, {‘filterType’: ‘MAX_NUM_ALGO_ORDERS’, ‘maxNumAlgoOrders’: 5}], ‘permissions’: [‘SPOT’]}

Hi. Let’s try to understand the attributes one by one.

  ‘status’:‘TRADING’, // symbol status indicates if a specific symbol is allowed to trade or not.

Ref: ENUM definitions - Symbol status


Generally speaking, these precisions determine how many digits are allowed to specify after the decimal points when placing an order.


Order endpoint provides several kinds of the orders. These are the types that allowed to use with this symbol.
Ref: POST /api/v3/order

  ‘icebergAllowed’:True, // if iceberg order is allowed to create
  ‘ocoAllowed’:True, // if oco order is allowed to create

Filters specify the rules that you have to follow when placing an order. You can find the definition in the following link.
Ref: Filters

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