Super Annoying BUG after 2.43.3 Update

I’m not sure if this is the place where I can report this but I’m trying to find a place to report bugs after updates on the iOS app.

This latest one is super frustrating and is isn’t remembering my chart height settings or the settings for volume or Mac D etc.

Is there a place to report this? Thx

Thanks for the feedback, can you give us some details of how to reproduce the issue? any screenshot may help.

Hi Dino.
(Update) I just made a quick video showing everything here: will try to share the link:

It happens 100% of the time.

  1. I start at the open/close order page.
  2. I open the chart, and it Always reverts back to the Default view. (It no longer saves my chart height - set to 134% like I like it.) - It also doesn’t show my Volume Indicator as I use that as well. The bottom tabs of “Order Book - Market History - Trading Data” are in view, which I don’t like, as I rarely use them…so I have them out of view with the chart height at 134%
  3. Changing the settings doesn’t do anything. In order for the BUG to be corrected, I have to first Choose to enable the Volume on the chart, then click on one of the bottom tabs (Market History for example) and then it automatically returns my chart height to my correct setting.
  4. Once I go back to my Open/Close order page, it 100% forgets my settings and I have to do it all over again, Every Time.
    Suppppper annoying, and the latest release still hasn’t addressed this?! (2.43.4)
  5. After more testing…the Bug is with the Volume Indicator. It won’t keep that one on the chart, but will keep the other 3 (MACD-KDJ-RSI) - Those will remain if they are selected, but VOL will not stay once I go back to the order page and return to the charts. If only VOL is selected (Which is all I use 99% of the time) - then upon returning to the chart view, the settings go back to default again.

It seems be fixed in the latest version, V2.44.0

Please have a try.

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Thanks so much!! That was killlling me! :raised_hands:t4:
So glad this is working again. :fire::fire:

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