successfully connecting to userdata stream but not getting any data

I dont know why the data is not getting printed to the console

package com.binance.connector.futures.client.App;

import com.binance.connector.futures.client.impl.UMFuturesClientImpl;
import com.binance.connector.futures.client.impl.UMWebsocketClientImpl;
import io.github.cdimascio.dotenv.Dotenv;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

import java.util.LinkedHashMap;

public class Main {
    private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Main.class);
    protected static final Dotenv config = Dotenv.configure().load();
    private static final String API_KEY = config.get("BINANCE.APIKEY");
    private static final String SEC_KEY = config.get("BINANCE.SECKEY");

    static UMFuturesClientImpl client = new UMFuturesClientImpl(API_KEY, SEC_KEY);
    static UMWebsocketClientImpl websocketClient = new UMWebsocketClientImpl();
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        LinkedHashMap<String, Object> params = new LinkedHashMap<>();
        ListenKeyRenewer keyRenew = new ListenKeyRenewer();

        client.setProxy(Util.proxyMaker(config.get("PROXY.HOSTNAME"), Integer.parseInt(config.get("PROXY.PORT")),
            config.get("PROXY.USERNAME"), config.get("PROXY.PASSWORD")));

        String listenKey = client.userData().createListenKey();

        websocketClient.listenUserStream(listenKey, System.out::println);


The output is

2023-04-01 10:55:04.824[1682339304824] | INFO  | main       | c.b.c.f.client.utils.RequestHandler  - POST
2023-04-01 10:55:05.607[1682339305607] | INFO  | main       | c.b.c.f.c.utils.WebSocketConnection  - [Connection 1] Connecting to
2023-04-01 10:55:06.798[16802339306798] | INFO  | OkHttp | c.b.c.f.c.utils.WebSocketConnection  - [Connection 1] Connected to Server

The logging part doesn’t seem to be set up corrected.

I would suggest you to first look at this example binance-futures-connector-java/ at main · binance/binance-futures-connector-java · GitHub, understand its setup, run it and if all good, slowly add more code and customize it according to your own scenario.

The link library was putting into it had some weird characters so i changed the string so it contained only listen key and it worked.