Sub Account Withdrawal


I am using the sub account functionality via API, i notice that you cant withdraw from the sub account directly, the withdraw button is greyed out on web portal and the api returns this error “-4006=Only support primary account”

Can this be enabled somehow, as we would like to be able to withdraw from the sub account directly


It’s designed that sub account is not allowed to withdraw. Only the main account has the permission to withdraw funds.

I must admit it’s a rather weird design choice, it limits a lot of sub-accounts use cases. It would be nice allowing customers to decide themselves if they want sub-accounts to be able to withdraw or not.

But then is it possible to transfer between sub and main account? It seems strange for funds to be held “hostage” on the subaccount right?


normally sub account is used by different individuals who only allowed to do trade, and the master account will manager the funds withdraw and distribution.

It took me a while to figure this out. From your main Account go to the sub accounts menu. And then on the left sidebar, choose “Asset management”
From there you can transfer the coin to your main account and then withdraw