Sub-account universal transfer between Spot and Spot wallet


I was testing universal transfer from the Spot wallet to the Spot wallet for sub-accounts using the master API key. Here are the parameters I sent

{'fromEmail': 'broker2@email', 'toEmail': 'broker1@email', 'fromAccountType': 'SPOT', 'toAccountType': 'SPOT', 'asset': 'USDT', 'amount': 5}

And received the following error:

{"code":-9000,"msg":"Unsupported operation."}

Do I understand correctly that direct transfer from Spot to Spot is not supported for sub-accounts?

The universal transfer can only be initiated from the Master Account, as indicated in the title. You can perform a direct transfer between sub-accounts that share the same Master Account. However, if you’re transferring between sub-accounts with different Master Accounts, you’ll need to go through the respective Master Accounts. To do so, use this endpoint.